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the best aprés ski party games

After fun is before fun: fun on the slopes is followed by a hearty one Apres Ski Party party So that this does not become an x-arbitrary Party-Event will, but to one of these unforgettable Do you remember experiences?, we have a few for you here cool ideas for a hot evening into the night.

Apres Ski Party

The hip drinking glass for apres ski parties

A party without drinks: Where do you find something like that? To all know-it-alls and moralizers: Yes, you can have a lot of fun without alcohol. Nevertheless, alcoholic drinks do not have to be taboo. When it comes to apres ski, many people expect a variety of drinks.

If the drinks are then served in a container suitable for the occasion, such as in our year-round ski boots, this regularly ensures a boost in mood. You will experience it! Nobody says no with the design, as themed and at the same time original as these glasses are. The glass ski boot has a binding for a secure hold, from which it can of course be released for a handy toast and drink.

These great glasses should almost automatically inspire party game ideas. Or you get it Drinking Game Ideas from our site.

Except for the fun at your personal apres ski party, you have the Apres-Allstars® ski boot a mega gift idea for events such as:

  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • bachelor party
  • passed exam
  • attention for a favor

Singstar Apres Ski Party

"Where people sing, just sit down! Evil people have no songs.” Who doesn't know these lines? They also apply to one of the most cheerful party game ideas: the Singstar Apres Ski Party. Just sing and let it all out: From songs at Ballermann level to well-known film songs, you can give everything here.

If you love karaoke, you can also take part in the Singstar Apres Ski Party. Here we go! A microphone and a Playstation are enough. The rules are simple: step up to the mic and sing. Some guests looked a little too deeply into their glass ski boots? The main thing is that they can still stand. Then they will enjoy the singing
add a special touch. But don't overdo it, because senseless drinking is no longer fun, but on the contrary just sad.

Apres Ski Party Ideen

Party games for adults

If you're thinking of something like strip poker, we don't have any news for you. The rules of the game for the classic with an erotic kick are timeless anyway. Our party games for adults are more themed or themed games that, in addition to fun, require a pinch of brains and a sense of absurd situations.

Role-playing games of all kinds are a hit among party games for adults. Have you always wanted to diss an entire class as a super-strict teacher? Now is the opportunity! Your students can diss you back without fear of bad grades or parental discussions. Another extremely rewarding topic is politics. Funny role-playing games as politicians are perfect for dissipating frustration.

Apres-ski fun as a motto party is also well received. Whether it's an 80s party or a traditional costume event to match the ski area: the party theme connects and the fun develops by itself.

Word games in between bring additional dynamics into the action and encourage further entertaining party games.

Party game for foodies

Eat delicious biscuits, but please with a running start and somersault, because as a party game idea, eating biscuits is of course not without a sporty twist, namely like this:

All game participants - except for one - sit on a chair. Heads are tilted back, faces look up. The individual walks around and puts a cookie on each player's forehead. The players then try to get the biscuit to their mouth using only facial movements such as grimaces. The first person to eat their entire cookie wins.


The Flachwitz Challenge is an apres-ski fun for the outdoor area. Two players sit close to each other on a chair. Everyone takes a good sip of water and keeps it in their mouth. Now another player tells nothing but flat jokes, which he is welcome to browse online. Whoever of the other two has to start spluttering and can't keep his mouth watering has lost.

Party Spiele

No party games without decoration

One fat deco creates the right apres-ski party feeling right from the start. Already with small effort much can be achieved. Fairy lights create a festive atmosphere. Skis, ski poles and woolen hats are the ideal decorative items for après-ski party games. If you want to include the outdoor area, torches look ultra cool and cozy at the same time.

A few memes hung on the walls also provide attention and a topic of conversation at your apres ski party. Take so-called construction paper in bright colors and write slogans for party games on it:

  • "Where's the mass? My doctor says I should drink alcohol there.”
  • "Kiss more - stress less!"
  • "Fuck the horse! A real prince comes on skis.”

As you can see, the effort for the decoration is actually low.

Party Deko

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