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The parents are away, the older sister is on tour and you have the whole house to yourself. You should use the time and invite your friends for a successful house party. Of course that requires something planning and Preparation, because what is supposed to seem so spontaneous also needs clear rules so that your family doesn't get a shock the next day and the apartment looks as if an entire Hells Angels motorcycle gang had paraded through. We'll give you a few tips on how to organize the whole thing correctly in a short time fun party games and Apres-Allstars-Shots bring more momentum to things. Even a little is enough to Hausparty to make unforgettable.


Planning the house party correctly – this is how it works:

Of course, a house party takes place in your own four walls and is a little more difficult to plan than a simple one garden party. There are enough occasions. Whether an empty booth, a housewarming party for the new apartment or a WG-Party, for everyone it's important to get what you need in a short time, invite people and create a good atmosphere.

Of course he can Alcohol not missing. But it's boring when everyone just stands around with their glass and looks around. A good combination is always Apres Allstars shots, snacks and music. A fun party will add momentum games, which you can also use to encourage people to drink. A great way to give the house party a theme that focuses on the music and games. Then your guests will know in advance what to expect.

Here are the top tips for preparing your house party:

  • Match the number of your guests to the size of the room.
  • Clean up the booth and also pay attention to the right lighting.
  • Put together a selection of music that will liven up the mood.
  • Eat simple snacks and light meals that fill your stomach.
  • Establish taboo zones and create a natural path for your guests (e.g. closed and open doors, light sources, etc.).
  • Decorate areas of the room as needed.
  • Decide on a selection of drinks that everyone likes.
  • Use popular switch party games as drinking and animation games.

party dekoration

The best games for your house party

Party games ideas There are plenty of things that make everything more interesting and where the loser has to drink, or rather is allowed to. Switch party games are a good solution so that it doesn't get boring. All you need is a console and a few good games.

Fun is guaranteed, especially with the popular multi-player hits for P4 or Nintendo. It's best to find your favorite games beforehand that are suitable for multiple players. Console games require a lot of interaction and keep the party going. You have the advantage that all guests take part, whether with or without alcohol.

Party Games Ideas - Set the mood with Switch Party Games

House party games with Switch Games are very popular and are easy to plan and integrate. All you need is a large television, a console, the controllers and our popular Apres Allsrar shot glasses. There is also movement on the console, for example with games like “Just Dance” or various karaoke games.

Sitting games that require skill and tactics are just as fun, including racing games, tennis, golf or fights. “Nintendo” offers the popular games “Super Mario Party” and “Mario Party Superstars”, which are structured like a digital board game and require the interaction of your guests. Drinking facilities can be found here Apres Allstars shot glasses excellently and the atmosphere increases through fun and games.
For the ultimate party atmosphere, a sip from our Apres Allstars Ski Tie Shot Glasses is a must. These unique and original shot glasses are guaranteed to raise the mood and give your house party that certain something. Don't worry, you don't have to go to the slopes to get them. You can purchase them directly in our online shop.

No matter whether you use them for drinking games, as a mood booster or simply as a special detail at your party - our Apres Allstars shot glasses with ski bindings are a real eye-catcher and ensure unforgettable moments. Not only are they a lot of fun, but they are also practical and durable. The ski binding keeps them securely in place and minimizes the risk of spills and breakage.

Treat yourself and your friends to something special and get our Apres Allstars shot glasses with ski bindings in our shop today. This means your next house party is guaranteed to be a complete success. Turn the night into your day and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Bottom up!

party spiele

House party games on the console

Not only “Nintendo” provides Switch party games, there is also a large selection for other consoles, for example party games for PS4. Games like “Team Sonic Racing”, “Gang Beasts” or the chaotic “Overcooked” are perfect with music, alcoholic drinks in Apres Allstars shot glasses and Playstation.

There are also fun party games with a newer game principle. This is called PlayLink and is perfect for PS4 party games where your guests can use their own smartphone as a controller. All you need to do is download the app and the game begins. “That’s You” or “Knowledge is Power” are very suitable. The funny quiz round ensures excitement and fun and allows you to have a drink or two. The karaoke game “Sing Star” can also be played with PlayLink.
haus party

Gaming and drinking without the mess

Gaming on the console allows for a lot of variety and is always fun with multiple players. The best thing about it is that it's not only fun to play, but also to watch. Meanwhile, the happy atmosphere reaches its peak when you fill the Apres Allstars shot glasses with tasty contents for your guests, so that you can toast and drink at any time.

The selection of switch games and interactive games is huge. Console games are generally a good choice for house parties because the celebration doesn't get too chaotic and your guests stay close. The neighbors and parents will also be happy if the house is still standing once everyone has left. And you can enjoy that your friends felt completely comfortable and well entertained.


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