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New Year, new happiness: But before we plunge into the next 365 days, we'll have to celebrate properly. And what better way to do that than with a few cool ones Games? Here are the top 5 party games for your birthday.

geburtstag feiern

The big birthday quiz

Who knows the birthday boy best? It's easy to find out - Keyword "birthday quiz". Grab your best buddies and put the jubilee to the test. The more personal the questions, the better.

And the best thing: If the guest of honor makes a mistake, he won't get away unscathed. The next shot is already ready. The birthday mood increases in record time. So the fun quiz should definitely not be missing from the birthday party ideas.

By the way: The birthday quiz is not just a good reason to toast. It's also the perfect opportunity to give the birthday child their present - but of course only if they have it Ask answered correctly.

Speaking of the question: What is the best way to squeeze the anniversary? A couple examples for the birthday games?

  • Where did we first meet?
  • We know what you did last summer - you too?
  • What is the name of guest A's pet?
  • Which guest have you known the longest?
  • Where did you go on holiday with guest B for the first time?
  • Who did you invite to your number birthday?
  • On which street does guest C live?


The ultimate birthday scavenger hunt

No question: Such a birthday quiz is nice and cozy. But how about a little for a change Action? For example with a big one birthday scavenger hunt?

The scavenger hunt for adults really gets going, especially at larger party locations with a garden, garage or driveway. Just imagine: the birthday child feverishly searches spot by spot for the next clue. Yay finally, there he is. Drink to this triumph for now.

But be careful: the information should be with you Birthday games Of course, it should be well hidden for adults, but not too well either. Because hand on heart: you definitely didn't want to waste half an hour digging. It's best to stick to the classics like:

  • in the flower pot
  • on the hanging lamp
  • in the oven
  • under the carpet
  • on the windowsill
  • in the crack of the sofa
  • under the table
  • under the doormat

Geburtstag Party

Cool Games: Get your life in order, but fast!

Can the birthday child get his life together? This is exactly what you can test with fun birthday games for adults. All you need to make the party a hit are a few good friends and colorful cardboard cards.

Now it's time to brainstorm. Who experienced something with the birthday child and when? It's best to choose events that you can place precisely in time - at least to the exact year. Complete? Then write the different events on the front of the cardboard cards. The date is on the back. Done, now the jubilee just has to get his life together. In other words: He puts the events in the right order. If he doesn't do that, a Shot due. That's how easy it is to have boozy birthday games for adults.

Of course, the right accessories shouldn't be missing between all the fun party games. In our shop we now have the perfect companions for every birthday party in stock - our shot glasses with ski bindings! They not only make for an eye-catcher, but also increase the fun factor of every game.

Whether it's a birthday quiz, a scavenger hunt or the other party games listed - if someone doesn't solve a task or answers a question incorrectly, the next shot is waiting in one of our cool shot glasses with ski bindings. Of course, these can also serve as a fun gift for the birthday child.

So stop by our shop and get these unique shot glasses with ski bindings to make your birthday party unforgettable!

Birthday Party Games: Who's Who?

"Who is who?" Of course, it shouldn't be missing from the birthday games for adults. Because could there be a cooler icebreaker than role reversal?


The principle is simple: each guest embodies another guest. You swap bodies, so to speak. Of course, the birthday child has no idea what role you are taking on. But it can guess, best with yes/no questions. If it identifies the right guest at the end, the loser drinks. If his tip is wrong, the birthday child drinks.


How about some sample questions for the fun birthday games?

  • did you go to school with me
  • Are you taken?
  • did we study together
  • Do you live in the same place?


Original party games for the birthday - guess anecdotes

At the top of the list of cool games is guess anecdotes. The original birthday games are like a little time travel. And it's that easy:

Each guest brings an item that they associate with a funny anecdote from the past. He proudly presents it to the birthday child and hopes for a stable memory. Hopefully he'll remember the anecdote. What happened back then? Oh no, the jubilee has a tear in the film. In the heat of the birthday games, he suddenly can no longer remember the anecdote. That calls for one Shot.

Cool party games for the birthday - which anecdotes would you like?

  • tickets
  • tickets
  • Photos
  • Holiday souvenirs


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