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The best ideas for your garden party

The summer literally calls for it, its time in great company in the domestic to spend in the garden. What is better than a rousing garden party? But how does one see? party-ready Garden design from and which games heat up the mood?

In the following article we present you some outdoor games for adults. We have also put together the best garden party decoration ideas for you.


Inspirational tips for perfect garden party decoration ideas

The success of a garden party does not only depend on the entertainment program (such as social garden games). The decoration also makes an important contribution to the well-being of the guests.

Below you will find two garden party decoration suggestions that are guaranteed to be a real hit!

Real holiday feeling with our summer party decoration tips

Wondering how to throw a garden party with a holiday vibe? We have the right garden party ideas for you:

  • Build your decoration concept on summer travel destinations (like the Caribbean). When choosing the decoration, you can use the colors of the flag as a guide.
  • Holiday souvenirs typical of the country help ensure that the garden party is authentic.
  • Summer and the sea are inseparable. Maritime elements, such as shells, are sure to be well received by your guests!
  • With sand from the hardware store and inflatable swimming animals you can transform your garden into a real beach!
gartenparty deco

The ideal garden party decoration for your festival of lights

Lights are an apt Motto, which can be wonderfully integrated into the garden design:

  • Dark and muted colors (like grey, black and dark blue) are perfect for a party where the focus is on the light.
  • LEDs, underwater lights, solar lamps, lanterns and fairy lights bathe the outdoor area in warm and/or indirect light.
  • Real fire with fire baskets, candles, torches and fire bowls creates a particularly atmospheric effect.
  • Star-shaped decorative elements visually round off the garden party.

Extra tip: If you want the garden party to be magical, choose a shooting star night or a full moon date for the party.

gartenparty ideen

Party Games for Adults - high percentage card game

Outdoor games are a real insider tip for celebrations because they can melt the ice between strangers. Party games for adults with alcohol quickly bring the mood to a high. The following card game is one of the most popular garden games because it is particularly easy to implement.

You need:

  • A classic card game
  • Shot glasses (available in our Online shop) and alcohol

The rules of the game:

At the beginning of the game the cards are shuffled. The stack is then turned face down.

The point of the game is that one of the players (the so-called “dealer”) asks the other party guests decision-making questions in turn. Decision questions are questions that can only be answered with a "yes" or "no". All questions are allowed as long as they relate to the map sheet.

Example: Is the next card black?

A wrong answer means that the respondent has to drink something as a "punishment". However, if he is correct, it is the dealer's turn to drink.

gartenparty spiele

Outdoor games for adults - Circle of Death

Party games for the adult target group should loosen up the atmosphere and be "lively". The "Circle or Death" is a real party idea classic!

You need:

  • A traditional 32-hand deck of cards
  • A large glass or several shot glasses and alcohol

The rules of the game:

A large glass (optionally some shot glasses from our Online shop) are filled with alcohol and placed in the middle. Now the cards are placed face down in a circle around the glass.

The youngest player gets to draw the first card. The remaining players take turns revealing the cards in clockwise order. The players can decide for themselves which of the cards they want to draw.

The Circle of Death is a slightly more complex card game, with every single card having a fun twist Task connected is:

  • Seven: The person sitting next to you on the left takes a sip.
  • Act: The person sitting next to you on the right takes a sip.
  • Nine: The current player chooses any person who must drink.
  • Ten: The player who drew the 10 must take a sip from the glass in the middle.
  • Be: The player who reveals the jack thinks up a new rule.
  • Dame: The player who moves the queen is crowned “Questionsmaster”. The Questionmaster may ask the other players questions during the game. The difficulty is that each answer must end with "Questionmaster".

Example conversation:

The Questionmaster asks, "Who's next?"
The correct answer from the other player should be: "It's my turn, Questionmaser!"

As befits a drinking game, the mean part is that anyone who forgets this rule has to take an extra sip.

  • King: In the case of the first, second and third king, the glass in the middle is filled a quarter full with an alcoholic drink. At the fourth king, the glass is emptied.
  • Is: Drinking takes place in clockwise order. There's only one catch: the number of sips increases with each player.
gartenparty ideen

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