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Creative drinking games to make yourself

Whether it's a proper warm-up before partying, the end of a successful party or just the framework for the gradually escalating flat share meeting: for one fun evening are creative drinking games very good to do it yourself. While there are even some games for sale today, designing your own is a must drinking games most Fun - after all, the nonsense begins with the joint design of the funny drinking games. Find the right guide for you here and become a creative party hero.


Because it was so nice: classic spin the bottle

Admittedly, there is hardly a more well-known drinking game - but spin the bottle works anytime and anywhere. The game can also be spiced up easily: Simply divide a large piece of paper into several sections and enter various prescribed actions with a pen. The players then have to perform the actions selected by turning the bottle, such as drinking, drinking, drinking a lot or other pleasures of upscale leisure activities - this kind of creative drinking games to do yourself is quickly prepared and leads to the desired effect in minutes.

Smartphone and drinking games online

By the way, you can do yours too Smartphone use for drinking games online. Apps like Truth or Dare or dice games are best suited for this: Here you can easily decide together in advance which action should be carried out for a number or dare (as long as it has something to do with drinking). Of course, you can combine creative drinking games to make yourself with the virtual apps on your smartphone - for example by specifying what should happen after a post is displayed on Instagram: If the first post in your feed after 20 minutes is an influencer, you have to find one drink shot. If it's an animal, you have to take two shots and so on. You can also extend the fun drinking games as you wish by linking the actions to changes in real life - for example whether the next guy wears a baseball cap, light-colored shoes or sunglasses. Previously defined and sighted objects are also suitable as inspiration for neat DIY drinking games.
trinkspiele online


With a little more preparation, you can also have great fun with a twist on the famous classic Monopoly. If you do it right, you'll be pushed to the limit in a boozy way. The main difference is that people not only pay rent on the streets, but also drink. It is especially fun when there are many different types of alcohol in the house, for example beer, wine, schnapps and liqueur. The easiest way to prepare for these DIY drinking games is if you have the original board game at home, but it also works without it. But first things first, here's what you need to make these types of drinking games:
  • A big cardboard
  • A pen
  • Two dice
  • Play figures (e.g. different shot glasses)
  • Substitute money (e.g. the original Monopoly tickets)

The game design

Now you draw the well-known streets on the edge of the cardboard, except that the streets represent different places to get drunk - e.g. a corner pub, a chic-micki-bar, a discotheque and an après-ski hut etc. Your imagination is not allowed set limits. You are welcome to get inspiration from the group and make the game design a fun affair.


The gameplay

Next, you determine what and how much should be drunk on a "street" - in the corner pub, for example, a beer on Ex, in the ski hut a liqueur and so on. You are welcome to design cheap and very expensive locations here. Crucially, consuming a set amount of a specific drink is mandatory upon entering - a rental like in the classic game is only there so that the madness will eventually come to an end. In addition, whoever enters a street first becomes the owner - all subsequent visitors have to pour the intended amount into themselves.

Tip: You are also welcome to design special event or community fields (i.e. as a substitute for the prison, the water works, etc.).
A few suggestions:
  • Special tax: All players must drink a schnapps
  • Prison: No toilet break for three rounds
  • Rent Increase: Double amounts for one round

You play that until the fixed rent is paid - or you.



You see, with a little preparation you can convert almost any parlor or gambling game into a DIY drinking game. So if you want to make fun drinking games, get some company and just get started.
And now have fun and cheers!

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