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Funny drinking games without accessories

you love them spontaneous parties, where things get really busy without much preparation? All you need is good company and a knack for setting the mood! If you're on complicated party games you can do without, you should know our drinking games without accessories. In the following we have put together a few variants for you that will effortlessly get the evening going. Whether drinking games for two or in a larger group: the right equipment for lavish parties is of course in our shop!

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Drinking games without accessories - our favorites

You don't need any accessories for the following drinking games, apart from alcohol and glasses, of course:

    Guess drinks

    For this game, the house bar should be well stocked with different types of drinks. Each guest gets a sample of the same drink. Then the brand has to be guessed. Whoever knows the correct answer first can skip a round. Everyone else takes a shot.

      Funny insult

      This game requires creativity. The participants sit in a circle with the filled glasses in front of them. In turn, each player pronounces the worst possible insult. Anyone who feels affected by a formulation takes a shot. Caution: Experience has shown that the threshold of sensitivity decreases as the alcohol level increases. In order to avoid serious aggression, the maximum number of laps should therefore be set in advance.


        Form compound nouns

        The following game is particularly fun in German, since the possibilities for forming compound nouns are almost unlimited. The host begins with a word. This is repeated by the participants in turn and supplemented by another term. The first person who is no longer able to pronounce the chain correctly drinks a shot. Then the person sitting next to you starts with the next chain of words. Since only one participant drinks per round, the game is also suitable for longer evenings, with the words becoming shorter and shorter over time: the error-free pronunciation of terms such as Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftkapitänskajüte or beef labeling monitoring task transfer law becomes more difficult with increasing alcohol levels.

          Who has ever...?

          The participants follow the round Questions along the lines of “Who has ever …?”. If you answer yes, you drink a shot. As the alcohol level increases, the embarrassment of the issues usually increases. Harmless questions at the beginning like “Who has ever traveled abroad?” quickly get the game going. Questions like "Who has ever had sex on the toilet?" Depending on the mood, it takes more courage to answer honestly. But be careful: If the questions get too personal, even drinking games without accessories can quickly degenerate into a serious argument. It is therefore better to leave out a question like »Who has already slept with the partner of the person sitting next to you on the left?«.


            Drinking Games for Two: Truth or Dare?

            Two players ask each other personal questions. These must be answered honestly. If you prefer to avoid the answer, drink a shot instead. The game is also suitable for couples, because specific questions about erotic preferences can really get the evening going. A particularly tingling variant gives the players the choice of either drinking a shot or taking off a piece of clothing.

              Drinking games in zoom or in real life

              Many of the drinking games mentioned without accessories can be played both in real life and virtually. For a atmospheric drinking game in Zoom or via Skype you should set some extra rules so that everyone can enjoy it:

              • Limit the number of rounds or the maximum number of shots drunk per person if individual participants are home alone. Alcohol poisoning can be really dangerous!
              • Each competitor should use original sealed bottles to rule out cheating using black tea for whiskey or water for vodka.
              • Even people who are far away should be treated as people. Therefore, avoid extra embarrassing questions in games like "Truth or Dare" when playing the drinking game in Zoom. The rule of thumb is: What you wouldn't do in real life, you should also avoid in a virtual game, even if you don't know the participants personally.
              • If you're already online anyway, then take the opportunity to use a drinking game app. This offers you, among other things, an extensive list of possible questions that you can ask the other players. There is a large selection of possible drinking game apps in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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              General information for untroubled gaming fun

              Whether online or offline: drinking games bring a Party right on the move! However, you should never overdo it. For this reason:

              • Never try to persuade anyone to participate. Not liking alcohol is totally fine!
              • If a participant vomits or falls asleep, the game is over!
              • Teasing each other with drinking game questions is fun. But the game should never degenerate into bullying!
              • Limiting the number of laps beforehand protects all participants from alcohol poisoning.

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