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You are in the middle of wedding preparations and looking for exciting ideas for your wedding Wedding program? In this post we will introduce you to some creative wedding ideas that will make your wedding program something very special. From a stylish cocktail bar to refreshing drinks - here you'll find inspiration on how to make your wedding celebration unforgettable.


Stylish cocktail bar

A cocktail bar at your wedding not only provides refreshing drinks, but also a special atmosphere. Hire a professional bartender to mix delicious cocktails for your guests. Choose a variety of classic and creative cocktails to match your wedding theme. Don't forget to decorate the cocktail bar attractively with fresh fruits, colorful straws and stylish glasses. This way you create an inviting and entertaining corner where your guests can enjoy delicious drinks. You can find some fun ones in our shop Party Gadgets, including ours Ski boot shot glassesthat make every party unique!


Refreshing drink stations

In addition to the cocktail bar, you can also set up refreshing drink stations at your wedding. Offer your guests a selection of refreshing and non-alcoholic drinks, such as homemade lemonades, iced teas or flavored water. You could create a beautiful drink bar with various containers filled with fresh fruits and herbs. Let your guests create their own refreshing creations and enjoy the delicious drinks. This is not only a practical way to cater for your guests, but also a fun and original idea for your wedding program.

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Interactive games and activities

Make your wedding program interactive and fun with games and activities install. For example, organize a photo treasure hunt where guests have to photograph certain scenarios, or prepare a wedding lottery where guests can buy tickets and win prizes. Another popular trend is personalized wedding games in which the bride and groom answer questions or complete tasks. Such games are fun and lighten the atmosphere, while at the same time giving your guests the opportunity bride and groom get to know better. More ideas for Wedding games and drinking games you can find it in our blog posts.

Make the party even more special with our special shot glasses with ski bindings! Are you looking for the ultimate party gadget for your cocktail bar? Then our shot glasses with ski bindings are just the thing for you! They are not only an eye-catcher, but also a guarantee of fun at your wedding. Perfect for a shot between dances or as a fun wedding game. With these shot glasses your wedding will surely be remembered. You can buy them now in our shop and give your wedding a touch of ski lodge feeling. They are perfect for winter weddings, but are also a real eye-catcher at weddings in other seasons. Let your guests be amazed and create a highlight at your wedding reception! Order your shot glasses with ski bindings today and let the party begin!


Surprising appearances and performances

Add a special touch to your wedding program by planning surprise appearances or performances. For example, organize a flash mob where your guests perform a dance together. Or hire a talented musician or band to provide musical entertainment throughout the evening. You could also hire professional dancers or acrobats to put on a breathtaking show. Such surprising moments will delight your guests and make your wedding celebration an unforgettable experience.


Thematic activities and workshops

Another way to spice up your wedding program is to incorporate themed activities and workshops. For example, you could offer a dance class where your guests can learn the basics of different dance styles. Or you could have one DIY-Set up a station where guests can make their own personalized party favors. If you have a Outdoor- If you are planning a wedding party, you could set up a play area with traditional garden games such as sack races, croquet or bocce ball. Through such themed activities and workshops, you create an interactive and entertaining atmosphere in which your guests can actively participate and have fun.


Live entertainment and artist performances

To add a special touch to your wedding program, you could include live entertainment and artist performances. For example, hire a live band or a DJ to provide atmospheric music and dancing. If you want to create an elegant atmosphere, you could hire a professional musician, such as a violinist or pianist, to provide a magical soundscape during the reception or dinner. Additionally, you could also hire a magician, cartoonist, or juggler to delight your guests with mesmerizing entertainment. Such live performances and artist performances will make your wedding celebration an unforgettable experience and impress your guests.


There are many creative ones wedding ideas for your wedding program that will make your wedding celebration unforgettable. From a stylish cocktail bar and refreshing drink stations to interactive games and surprise performances, you have plenty of options to customize your wedding program. With these inspiring ideas, your wedding program will be the highlight of your wedding celebration and your guests will be thrilled!


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