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JGA – Cool drinking game ideas for bachelor farewell

Do you want to really celebrate at the bachelor party before you enter the port of marriage? Then you've come to the right place: We want you to be able to really enjoy your last evening of freedom with your friends! It is best to use our Drinking Game Ideasthat will really get your guests going. In the following we offer you not only one Selection cool JGA games, but also have important tips ready for you on how to manage your bachelor party unforgettable Event to let become. Because for drinking games applies: Timing is everything if you don't want the evening to escalate too early!

JGA Party

JGA games - what you should pay attention to when planning

If you want a lavish party, you shouldn't plan the date too close to the wedding, because who wants to have a headache on the most beautiful day of their life? Therefore, choose the weekend before the wedding at the latest for the big party. Whether the event takes place outside or inside is your decision. If you are the active type, then you can also go on a party games outing for outside company. But be careful with a bike or climbing tour: In this case, we strongly recommend that you only plan the JGA games with alcohol at the end of the day, when everyone is safely back on the ground. But the same applies in the house: it is better to increase the enjoyment for everyone by playfully lengthening the drinking. It is also a matter of honor that those who still have to drive at the end of the day are not encouraged to drink alcohol!

Drinking game ideas - games for the JGA train ride

A train ride to the destination is ideal for pre-glowing. But please be careful not to overdo it: Drunk passengers can really get on the nerves of those traveling with them! We therefore recommend starting with a less high-proof drink or booking a separate carriage with the train if the games could get out of hand on the JGA train ride.

  • Mood at the train station! – Meet at the train station at least half an hour before the train departs. The groom/bride then has the task of approaching strange women/men and getting them to kiss him/her on the cheek. For each basket received, he/she must spend one round.
  • Who knows the bride/groom best? – Take turns asking the participants personal questions about your future partner. Whether it's your favorite food, film or book: you probably know your future spouse well by now. If you answer a question wrong, you drink one Shot.

JGA shots


Drinking games outside - our favorites

  • Tipsy yoga – All participants stand in a circle on one leg. The sole of the foot of the other leg is placed on the inner thigh as in The Tree yoga pose. The hands are joined and stretched as far as possible over the head. The players can look at each other and also talk. If someone loses their balance and touches the ground with the sole of their second foot, they have to take a shot. Then he goes back into the circle. As the alcohol level increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your balance. The first player who is no longer able to assume the prescribed position loses.
  • Scavenger hunt with shots – JGA games like the scavenger hunt are a bit complex, but they are also a lot of fun. First decide how many stations the competition should have. Our tip: five stations are enough for drinking games out in the woods. All participants should still be able to master the way back at the end! At the starting point and at all intermediate stations you set up small games of skill, such as a board with tricky knotted ropes or a wooden beam with carpenter's nails and a hammer that is far too small. Each participant has to solve the task before receiving a piece of paper with the information on where to find the next station. The first winner starts running immediately, everyone else takes a shot. The first to reach the destination station will find a box with a small surprise gift there.

Apres Allstars Shotgläser

Tasks for the JGA - drinking game ideas indoors

  • Tabuwörter – You really want to party and not spend the whole evening talking about the upcoming wedding? Then define a series of words that are taboo to use during the party, such as marriage, registry office, mother-in-law... - Write the terms on a poster that you hang up in a clearly visible place. If someone slips out one of the forbidden expressions, they have to take a shot. As the bride or groom, you decide which words should be taboo. However, there should not be more than ten, otherwise conversations can become surprisingly tedious.
  • Tasks for the JGA – Think of different ones Tasks and write them down on little cards. These can be a bit embarrassing. Example: »Sell a packet of condoms to a stranger.« Now the cards are drawn in turn. Those who prefer not to solve their task can drink a shot instead.

JGA shots

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