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Truth or Dare is a classic one Party game and can get a bit boring at times. But what if we could make this game a little more exciting? What if we make it a drinking game? In this blog article we would like to show you how to transform Truth or Dare into a drinking game you can transform by using the best Tasks created.

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Truth or Dare - What is it actually?

Before we get into how to play this game as a drinking game, let's quickly explain the rules of Truth or Dare. The game is usually played by two or more players. A player is selected and must decide whether to answer a truth question or complete a "duty". If the player does not want to answer the question or does not fulfill the obligation or refuses, he must drink. We already have a blog post on the best truth or dare Questions, take a look!


How to Make Truth or Dare a Drinking Game

Now comes the exciting question: How can you turn this game into a drinking game? Quite simply - the dare tasks just need to be a little more difficult or more involved and truth questions need to be a little more personal or embarrassing. For example: “empty your drink on a train” or “write an embarrassing text to a number you don’t know.” If players do not complete or do not want to answer the mandatory task or a truth question, they must drink, preferably a shot.

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Examples of drinking game tasks

Here are some of the best drinking tasks you can do in this one Game could integrate:

  • You have to drink every time someone uses the word "drink."
  • Any player who says a word with more than five syllables must drink
  • You have to drink when someone toasts you
  • Drink when someone puts their thumb on the table

The mandatory tasks are often the most fun and can be adapted by the group. Some of the best tasks might be: "Sing a song at full volume," "Do a belly dance," or "Have a person give you a new haircut." Here too, care should be taken to ensure that the tasks are pleasant for everyone involved and do not cross any boundaries.


Drinker or liar

Drinker or Liar is another great drinking game that you can combine with Truth or Dare. Players draw cards one at a time and must complete either a truth or a dare task. If a player lies or fails to complete the task, he must drink. This game can be played with or without a deck of cards.

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Name game

First, the players have to write their names on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Everyone draws a name and must complete either a truth or a dare task. If the player's name is mentioned during the game, he must drink. This game often produces exhilarating results as it entices players to design tasks that specifically target a particular name.


Truth or dare card game

The Truth or Dare card game is a great way to take the traditional game to a new level. Each card in the game contains either a truth or dare task and a drinking policy. If you can't or don't want to complete the task, you have to drink. If you win the game you have to drink a virgin drink.


Truth or Dare as a drinking game is a great way to remove all the boring stuff from the classic game and make it exciting with some unique twists. However, you should be careful to control your alcohol consumption and not drink too much. No matter how you play it, this extremely infectious atmosphere is a guarantee for lots of fun and unforgettable evenings. Full of games, drinks, laughter and memories. So, get one Drink and let the fun begin!

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