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The best games for your carnival party

Finally partying again! But a carnival party is only as good as the mood of its guests. So why not give it a little help? Especially if you also want to invite people who do not belong to the core of your clique, you should make sure that everyone warms up to each other quickly. And nothing is better suited for this than yours Carnival party with a few party games to ring in for adults. You can find funny ones here group games "with shot", which you probably don't know yet.


Tips for hosting a carnival party with drinking games

Here we have put together a few tips for you to help build a good mood:

  1. Tell people beforehand that you're funny group games have opened
  2. Pack all the game accessories you need in a box/box in advance
  3. First games at a distance, then games with less distance to the other players
  4. Precompose suitable music for each game
  5. Provide a large selection of different drinks/spirits
  6. Create a cool atmosphere for your carnival party with decorations and accessories

Carnival games for carnival parties

Who wants to play the same old games over and over again? We've dug up awesome adult party games for you that you've probably never heard of. Let people know that your game repertoire is up to date and they agree on some surprises can catch up. Here it comes:

  • Caught cold!

You act as the game master and explain that you are a magician. When you cast the "Caught Cold" spell, everything freezes except for the music. That's the insidious thing about it: people are supposed to freeze in motion, but the music encourages them to keep moving. The first person who is "frozen" gets a reward from you: their favorite drink. And he has to drink it down in one gulp. Shhh! That's a really nasty trick. Anyone who shows such good reactions has probably hardly drunk anything. With this game you bring the "mood brakes" into shape.

  • Torpedo

A heavy-bottomed shot glass (pin) floats in a large beer glass. Try out beforehand which glasses are suitable. If you don't have the right shot glasses at home, you'll find cool models in our shop. Further in the text: The youngest visitor of your carnival party starts. He pours some beer into the pin. Then it is his table neighbor's turn – clockwise. The job is to get some more beer into the shot glass without sinking it. A steady hand is required. Then it's the next person's turn. The longer the game lasts, the more difficult it becomes. Anyone who torpedoes the pin has to drink the beer glass as punishment.

Shotgläser von Apres Allstars
  • Bing, Bang, Boum: table knocking instead of turning the table

All your friends sit around a table. They have crossed their arms so far that their hands are in front of the two table neighbors. Two strange hands lie in front of them. The youngest player starts: He taps the table in front of his neighbor with one hand. He says "Bing" and knocks in the same direction - and so on. Any player may initiate a change of direction. To do this, he knocks twice with his other hand. Then his neighbor says "bang!" and knocks in the other direction. If someone misses the change of direction, everyone yells "Boum". Then the snoring jaw has to empty a pin of hard liquor as punishment.

  • Yin und Yang

Label small cards with adjectives that are opposites and that can be mimed well. Here are a few examples: brave - scared, happy - sad, conceited - shy, energetic - listless, dominant - submissive etc. For this carnival game you need an even number of participants so that everyone can find a partner. Have everyone draw a card. Everyone should then pantomime “their” word without speaking. At the same time, he is looking for his partner who embodies the opposite. When he has found it, the two are celebrated with "Cheers!" and champagne - sparkling wine also works.

  • balloon dance

Get a supply of inflated balloons with a strong string attached - measured so that both halves of the string will fit around an ankle and still leave room for a tight knot. Get the scissors ready... Now all you need is good music. Then your carnival party will be a real hit. Everyone must try to crush their fellow dancers' balloons while protecting their own. If you lose your balloon, you have to drink a shot glass to ex.

  • Cloud-Sharing offline

Totally crazy: carnival party with cloud sharing without electricity. We all want to save energy... Funny things about carnival can also be done without the internet: Sit your friends around a table. Have them all dab a dab of Vaseline on the tip of their nose. (Get petroleum jelly and enough moist and dry facial tissues beforehand and put them in your party box.)

Sort the players in your carnival games according to males and females and determine a corresponding seating arrangement. Perhaps by lot with a number assigned in each case? Now the youngest player gets a cotton ball - these round cotton balls for removing make-up - placed on his nose, which is crowned with Vaseline. It's guaranteed to stick. He then has to try to stick this cotton ball on his neighbor's nose without using his hands. If the cotton falls off, the two responsible are punished with a pin on Ex.


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