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creative and fun drinking game tasks

There are countless fun drinking game tasks in the world that are suitable for unforgettable and fun evenings in good Company care for. The following is about the most popular drinking game Tasks, with little preparation to all occasions can be played.


Jenga drinking game tasks

The Jenga drinking game is one of the world's most popular drinking games, which is also popular in Germany. Jenga, also known as the wobble tower, is a parlor game. A tower is built from rectangular building blocks, whereby three building blocks are always placed next to each other. These form a square. This is followed by the next layer, which also consists of three building blocks, but is placed 90 degrees on top of the last layer. Usually 18 to 20 layers are stacked.

Now each player in turn has to remove a block from the tower with one hand and put it back on top of the tower. The tower becomes more and more shaky until it finally collapses. The player who knocks down the tower loses.

A variation of the game is the Jenga drinking game task. Players write fun drinking game tasks on each block that is removed from the tower. If a player writes such a task on the block, he then carries it out himself. Then he puts the stone back on the tower.

You need for the Jenga drinking game:

  •  a Jenga game
  •  a felt-tip pen to write down the drinking game tasks on the building blocks
  •  a stable table
  •  plentiful creative ideas
  •  Alcohol
  •  two to four players.

Possible tasks

  • you drink one Shot.
  • Your right/left neighbor drinks a shot.
  • Everyone with black/brown/blonde hair drinks.
  • The one with the best/worst school qualifications drinks.
  •  Do a handstand. Too complicated? Drink!
  • Drink a shot for each teammate.

Bus driving drinking game

The bus driving drinking game is also very popular internationally. All you need is your favorite alcoholic drink, a deck of cards and teammates. The number of cards should be adjusted to the number of players. For example, 52 cards are sufficient for up to eight players.

Bus driving drinking game tasks

The bus driving drinking game consists of three rounds. In each round there are special drinking game tasks that you have to complete in order not to lose - that is, to have to drink.

  • First round: Players have to guess if their top card is red or black.
  • Second Round: Players have to guess if the value of the card drawn is higher or lower than the value of the first card.
  • Third Round: Players must guess whether the value of the card drawn is inside or outside the value of the other two cards drawn.
  • Fourth round: Players must guess whether the next card drawn will be hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs.
  • Pyramid Round: Which player gets to drive the bus?

In the pyramid round, ten cards are placed face down on the table and arranged in such a way that a pyramid is formed. Below four cards, above three, then two and then one card. Starting at the bottom, the cards are revealed. The players must now distribute their four cards onto the pyramid, whereby only cards of the same value may be on top of each other. Another player distributes sips according to the level he places his card on (two sips for the second level, etc.).

Whoever has the most cards in hand at the end becomes the bus driver. If there are several players with the same number of cards, the hand with the highest value wins.

bushfahren trinkspiel

Picolo drinking game app

The Picolo drinking game App gets every party going with fun drinking game tasks. You need at least two players, the app on a mobile phone and your favorite alcoholic drink. Now, alone or in a team, fun drinking games are answered or instructions are carried out.

At the beginning you enter the names of the players in the app. At first, only the before mode can be played, later the second mode called "We're spinning". Tasks can be:

  • drink a certain number of sips yourself or give them to others
  • drink the glass on ex
  • speak in the future tense and drink when making mistakes
  • bite someone's ear
  • appreciate or vote on certain things.

I never have any questions

Never Have I Ever is a drinking game that requires no preparation. The more players there are, the more fun it becomes. However, there should be at least five players. With the Never Have I Ever Questions you can find out some pretty strange things about your fellow players.

You need five bottles of alcohol and drinking game questions. Now sit in a circle around a table or on the floor. For example, there is a bottle of liquor in the middle. A player begins with the sentence "I've never...". For example, he has never eaten snow. Any player who has ever eaten snow must drink. He can drink his glass or the bottle in the middle makes the rounds.

The rules can be varied. For example, a player has to drink alone when he claims things that are almost impossible and that no one else can have done. There can also be a certain number of free shots if players choose not to answer certain questions.

Some ideas for I've never had questions:

I've never…

  • stole something.
  • watched porn.
  • Had sex that I now regret.
  • insulted someone on social media.
  • played for money.
  • taken drugs.
  • used a sex toy.
  • taken Viagra.
  • eaten insects.
  • had a one night stand.


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