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The best outdoor party games

What could be nicer than a boozy evening with friends to spend? A Party evening plus fun outdoor games! Outdoor Adult games really set the mood! So that you too social rounds outdoors not the ideas going out, we have collected the best outdoor party games for you. This party games for adults leave no room for boredom.

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You need:
  • at least two players
  • at least three beer cans per player

Beer roulette is one funniest games for outside. For this you stand in a large circle with enough distance from each other. Each player places at least three beer cans on the floor in front of them. A can is passed on to the neighbor on the right. He shakes the can and puts it back with the others. Of course, you shouldn't know which can was shaken, so the three cans are swapped. Now all players simultaneously choose one of their cans and open it. If you are unlucky, you get a beer shower and then have to drink the whole can.

Party Trinkspiele

steamer collision

You need:
  • at least 8 players (even number)
  • towels or fabrics

Steamer collision is one of those outdoor games for adults that you need quite a lot of players to make it fun. You form two teams and choose a captain for each team. Everyone else is blindfolded. Only the captains can still see something. All team members line up and place both hands on the shoulders of the person in front. The captain stands at the back. The steamer is now moving. The captain gives orders to the man in front. Everyone forwards the commands until they get to the front:

  • tap left shoulder once: steer left
  • tap the right shoulder once: steer to the right
  • pat both shoulders twice: full steam ahead
  • tap both shoulders three times: Stop!

When a steamer collides with another, all players who are at fault in the collision must drink

outdoor partyspiele


Some party games MUST take place outside. Beerathlon is definitely one of them. In advance, you determine a route with a length of about 5 to 8 km. It can also contain small gradients. It is best to choose the route so that there is no traffic or other people on the way. You also need:

  • at least four teams
  • a beer crate for each team

The aim is to cross the finish line together as a team with an empty beer crate. The beer must be drunk on the way. Anyone who spills something will be disqualified. Breaks along the way are allowed, and you can also eat something. Bierathlon is one of the most social outdoor games. But keep an eye on the other teams. Anyone who crosses the finish line with a beer crate that still has full bottles in it must drink them up immediately on the spot.

Tip: It is best to take 10 or 11 beer crates so that they are not too heavy to walk a long distance with. After all, adult party games aren't meant to become one the next day Musclelead hangover!


bottle throwing

You need:
  • a bottle
  • a ball or other suitable object

Form two teams and stand facing each other about 10 meters apart. Place a bottle in the middle between you. Each player receives a bottle or mug filled with a drink.

Each team now tries to knock over the bottle in the middle with the ball. Once a player has managed this, his team can drink from their drinks until the other team has put the bottle back up and is back in the starting position with the ball. The team that empties their drinks first wins.

bag biting

Some adult party games are downright mind-blowing. This is one of them.

You need:
  • at least 4 players
  • a cardboard bag with a stand-up bottom
  • a scissors

Place the cardboard bag on the ground and stand around the bag about one step away from it. Players take turns trying to pick up the bag. The highlight: You have to stand on one leg and can only use your mouth. Other body parts or auxiliary objects are taboo. If you don't manage to pick up the bag with your mouth, you have to drink something.

After each round, one to two centimeters of the bag are cut off, making the task increasingly difficult.


mug meeting

You need:
  • a table tennis table
  • table tennis racket
  • table tennis balls
  • two cups

Cup Meet is one of those outdoor party games where you'd better drink target water. Place a cup on each side of the ping-pong table, roughly in the middle of the table. Two or four players now play against each other according to normal table tennis rules. The goal is to knock down the opponent's cup. If successful, the other player (or team) must have a drink. If you accidentally knock over your own cup, you have to drink something yourself.

Have fun with ours party games for adults!

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