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Celebrating New Year's Eve is a particularly tricky business - come on Party If you're not in motion, the wait until midnight is particularly endless. And when midnight passes, the party guests rush home. So that this doesn't happen at your New Year's Eve party, we have them for you ultimate drinking games selected for New Year's Eve with whom your party guaranteed an unforgettable one Highlight becomes.

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New Year's Eve games without much effort

Even if you spontaneously decide to try out New Year's Eve drinking games with your guests this year, you can try out the following New Year's Eve game ideas. This is New Year's Eve Games without material, which you have to get in advance.

Classic New Year's Drinking Games: Dinner for One

What would New Year's Eve be without "Dinner for One"! But you can also use the film to make New Year's Eve games without much effort derive. You need:

  • the film "Dinner for One" (will be shown several times on New Year's Eve, alternatively you can watch it on the Internet)
  • beverages and glasses
  • at least one to any number of players

You watch “Dinner for One” with your guests, with each of you having the same drink in front of you. You agree on what and which ones events you want to drink For example:

  • You drink when the butler drinks.
  • You drink when the butler trips over the tiger's head.
  • You drink when one of the guests is introduced

New Year's games without material: Russian roulette

When playing Russian Roulette you never know what's coming. This principle also applies to the entertaining New Year's Eve drinking game. You need:

  • shot glasses
  • clear up Alcohol and water
  • any number of players

Some shot glasses are filled with alcohol, others with water. You decide for yourself how many glasses you fill with what. Arrange the glasses randomly so that the other players don't know what to expect. Now everyone draws a glass and drinks it. Nobody knows who will be drunk first. The game is particularly suitable as an icebreaker at the beginning of the New Year's Eve party.
Are you planning to throw the ultimate New Year's Eve party? With the best drinking games and the right equipment, your evening will be an unforgettable event. We have just the thing for you in our shop: shot glasses with ski bindings! They provide an extra kick to every game and are the perfect accessory for the night.

If you want to surprise your guests in "Russian Roulette", use the shot glasses with ski bindings and add them to the game. Whoever drinks the alcohol and whoever gets the water will have even more fun if you have to do it with a ski binding glass!

Or you can use our unique shot glasses with ski bindings in the time zone game. Let your guests drink their drinks from the special glasses to make the international New Year's Eve celebrations even more exciting.

You can even turn the children's game "Looping Louie" into an extremely fun drinking game with the shot glasses. And in “Frau Horst” the shot glasses provide additional challenges and laughs.

In our shop you will find the shot glasses with ski bindings that will take your New Year's Eve party to the next level. They are not only a real eye-catcher, but also the perfect tool to make your drinking games even more exciting. Make the party an absolute highlight with our shot glasses with ski bindings!

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New Year's drinking games with some material or time expenditure

If you have a little advance notice for the planning you will have a lot of fun with your guests with these New Year's Eve games ideas.

Creative Christmas Games: Looping Louie

Do you have the children's game Looping Louie at home? Perfect! The children's game can be converted into an extremely fun drinking game for Christmas or New Year's Eve. What you need:

  • a Looping Louie game
  • drinks of your choice
  • maximum four players

The aim of the game is not to be the first to lose your chickens. Whoever gets ripped off the perch first has to drink. You can play as many rounds as you want.

Popular New Year's Drinking Games: The Time Zone Game

Some New Year's Eve drinking games can keep your guests entertained for hours. This game is very suitable if you spend the whole day together and don't meet up for the party until 8 p.m. You need:

  • many different drinks
  • an internet connection
  • small international snacks

13 hours before New Year's Eve in Germany, the starting signal for the new year is given in Samoa. For us this is at 11 a.m. Now you toast together for the first time that day. A player googles what the country's typical drinks and snacks are. You try to make your drinks and snacks as close to the original as possible. There are a total of 24 different time zones in the world. The aim of the game is to create all 24 drinks.

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New Year's Games Ideas for concentration: Ms. Horst

With Ms. Horst it is important to concentrate, because the rules are constantly being redefined. You need:

  • two dice
  • alcoholic beverages of your choice
  • at least four players

On your turn, you roll both dice at the same time. If it's a seven, the person sitting next to you on the left has to drink; if it's a nine, the person on the right has to drink. Whoever rolls a double takes the role of Mrs. Horst. From now on he can only be addressed as Mrs. Horst. Anyone who doesn't speak to Ms. Horst properly has to drink as punishment. If another player rolls a double, they become Mrs. Horst.

Each Mrs. Horst also thinks of a word that no player is allowed to say anymore. The word “drink” is also forbidden. In addition, dice and drinks may not be accepted directly by other players, but rather they must be picked up from the table. Anyone who breaks the rules must drink.

silvester party

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