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Weddings can sometimes seem a bit stiff until the dancing begins. But what if you organize some wedding games for your guests that will ensure everyone has a good time? From more active games to calming activities, there are many ways to keep your guests entertained. The planning the Wedding games can also be a great experience for you and your partner to understand each other about your shared interests. Here are 7 original ones Wedding games, yours Guests will love.


"Who am I?" game

This is a classic guessing game that brings guests closer together at the wedding. Write down names of celebrities or personalities that guests may recognize and place them on pieces of paper that will be handed out at the beginning of the wedding. Have guests hold the pieces of paper to their foreheads (using tape) and ask each other clues and questions to find out who is on their piece of paper. The game can be played during the meal or in between meals to lighten the mood of the guests.



Twister is a popular board game that can easily be turned into a wedding game with guests. Place Twister mats in a designated area, put on a few songs, and have guests dance until the song ends. Similar to the normal Twister, they have to pay attention to the different colors with their hands and feet.

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Couple's Shoe Game

This wedding game is particularly entertaining if the bride and groom have not known each other for very long. Each partner takes off their shoes and holds one of the other partner's shoes in their hand. The host asks questions like "Who makes the most decisions in the relationship?" or "Who is the better cook?", and each partner gives the other's shoe to that person to answer. A great game to make guests laugh and get to know the bride and groom better.


Photo rally

If you're planning an outdoor wedding, a photo rally can be a great addition. Make a list of objects and people guests need to photograph and give them disposable cameras or set a smartphone camera rule. Objects can be things like a golden autumn leaf, a bee, a red car, or a green door. At the end of the game, guests can swap photos and see who won.


The Advice Game

This game is a classic and is present at almost every wedding. Create a book or canvas with blank pages and provide some pens. Encourage your guests to write advice for a successful relationship and marriage. It can also be a great way to involve your family and friends in planning your wedding by having everyone offer advice on what you should keep in mind when you're married.


"Who knows the Couple Best?"-Quiz

This game is similar to the Shoe Game, but this time the guests are asked questions about the bride and groom. Before the game begins, the bride and groom write down 10-15 questions, such as "What is the couple's favorite movie?" or "What is the couple's favorite food?". Hand out the questions on the wedding day and have guests answer as quickly as possible. The winner gets a small prize.


A “speakeasy station” is a great way to spice up your wedding cocktail reception. Set up a bar with professional bartenders at the reception and have your own cocktails and beverages create. Guests can then stand at the bar and drink while chatting.

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There are many ways to organize wedding games for your guests and have fun on your big day. Remember, the point is to entertain guests and bring the bride and groom closer together. The 7 wedding games we have presented here are just the beginning. You and your partner can have many ideas that would suit your wedding even better. Don't forget that all of these games can be customized to reflect your wedding theme or colors.

Of course, all games can also be played Drinking games convert! They are great for this shot glasses and Party Gadgets from Apres Allstarswhich round off your party perfectly and are fun. Have fun and enjoy the wedding games with your friends and family!

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