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Welcome to our comprehensive blog post in which we dedicate ourselves to the fascinating world of alcohol varieties. From traditional spirits to modern alcopops, this post will give you a detailed overview of the different types of alcohol on the market today. We also mention the creative ones as a special highlight Schnapsgläser in Skibindung by Après Allstars, offering a unique experience when enjoying spirits.

alkohol sorten

Discover the variety of spirits

Before we look at the popular one Alkopops it is important to Basics to understand. spirits form the basis of many alcoholic drinks and vary greatly in taste, production method and alcohol content. The best-known spirits include whiskey, vodka, rum and gin. Each of these types of alcohol has a unique history and characteristic production processes that shape their individual taste. Special glasses like those from Après Allstars are often used, which enrich the drinking experience in a playful way.

Vodka: purity and versatility

Let's start with vodka, which is often valued for its purity and neutral taste. This makes it an ideal base for cocktails and mixed drinks. Vodka is distilled from fermented substances such as grains or potatoes and then filtered to produce a clear, pure spirit.

Vodka can be served particularly well in creative glasses such as the Ski Binding Shot Glasses from Après Allstars, which lighten up the drinking experience and provide a conversation starter. Visit our Après Allstars shop to get these unique ones glasses to secure. They are perfect for spirits lovers looking for something different or original Gift for friends and family. Don't miss out - these shot glasses in ski bindings are an absolute must-have for everyone who appreciates something special!

Rum: sweetness of the Caribbean

It continues with rum, which is traditionally made from molasses or sugar cane juice. Rum is particularly popular in the Caribbean and is often associated with flavors of vanilla, caramel or spices. There are different types of rum, from light, lighter varieties to dark, rich varieties.

Whiskey: diversity and tradition

Whiskey produced in different regions of the world such as Scotland, Ireland and the USA varies greatly in taste and composition. The main differences arise from the types of grain used, the aging in wooden barrels and the specific distillation processes. Each type of whiskey, be it Scotch, Bourbon or Rye, offers a unique taste experience.

The world of alcopops

Now we turn to alcopops, which are particularly popular with younger generations. Alcopops are mixed alcoholic drinks, often consisting of a combination of spirits and sweet, flavored drinks. They offer a lighter and often fruitier alternative to pure spirits and are ideal for social occasions.


What are alcopops?

Alcopops are characterized by their lower alcohol content and sweet, easy-drinking nature. They come in a variety of flavors, from tropical fruit to classic lemonade flavors, and often come in eye-catching, colorful packaging.

Popular alcopop brands

Some of the most well-known alcopop brands include Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezer and Mike's Hard Lemonade. These brands have made a name for themselves by consistently offering high-quality products in a wide range of flavors.


The World of Wine: A Universe Full of Flavor

Wine is one of the oldest and most diverse types of alcohol in the world. From light white wines to robust red wines, the selection is immense. Here are some of the most popular types of wine:

  1. Chardonnay: A full-bodied white wine known for its vanilla and butter notes.
  2. Sauvignon Blanc: A fresh, acidic white wine with aromas of green fruits and herbs.
  3. Cabernet Sauvignon: A powerful red wine known for its tannin structure and dark fruit notes.
  4. Merlot: A soft, fruity red wine, ideal for beginners in the world of red wines.

Mehrere Gläser mit Wein

Wine Tastings: A Sensory Experience

Wine tastings offer the opportunity to taste different wines and recognize the subtle differences between the varieties. They are an excellent way to expand your knowledge of wine and discover new favorites. For an exceptional tasting, Après Allstars' unique ski-bound shot glasses can be used to create a special ambience.

Beer: From classics to craft beers

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage worldwide, available in an impressive variety of styles and flavors. They range from classic lagers to aromatic craft beers that experiment with a variety of ingredients and brewing techniques.

Craft-Bier wird eingeschenkt

Craft beer movement

The craft beer movement has revolutionized the beer landscape. Independent breweries experiment with different hops, malt types and brewing techniques to create unique flavor profiles. Some popular craft beer styles include:

  • IPA (India Pale Ale): Known for its strong hop aroma and higher alcohol content.
  • Stout: A dark beer with distinct roasted malt flavors.
  • Saison: A traditional Belgian farmhouse beer known for its spicy and fruity notes.

Trendy Alcoholic Drinks

In addition to traditional types of alcohol, there are always new trends in the alcohol industry. This includes:

  • Hard Seltzer: A light, sparkling drink with a low alcohol content that is particularly popular with health-conscious consumers.
  • Cocktail innovations: New creations and twists on classic cocktails, often with unexpected ingredients and presentations. Presenting such innovative cocktails in Après Allstars ski-bound shot glasses can create additional excitement.

 hard Seltzer

The world of alcoholic beverages is incredibly diverse and offers something for every taste. From the deep, complex flavors of a fine wine or whiskey to the light, refreshing flavors of an alcopop or craft beer, the possibilities are almost endless. We hope this post has given you a deeper insight into the world of alcohol varieties and sparked your curiosity to discover new and exciting drinks. And don't forget to check out Après Allstars' unique ski bound shot glasses next time you enjoy a special tipple.

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