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The best drinking games

Everyone is equal at the Hütt'n - money, origin and social rank don't count. As long as you're holding an alcoholic drink in your hands and euphorically singing along to the après-ski music, you're part of it. But there is also a lot of fun waiting for you away from the Alm. A little bit cottage magic you can too at home enjoy. At a Themenparty in your Living room or the gazebo – with fun drinking games comes every party really in motion. In the following we present them to you best games before.

But beware: When consuming alcohol, everyone should know their limits. If you can't do it anymore, then you can't do it anymore. 



A simple but extremely effective game. Simply attach a hose to a standard funnel. One person lifts the funnel, the second puts the other end of the tube in their mouth. Pour the beer into the funnel - let's go. By raising the funnel, pressure is built up in the hose so that the liquid shoots out quickly and literally into the drinker. 

The whole thing is also called beer bong, hose, accelerator or drinking machine. Beer bongs are particularly well known in connection with American college students' spring break rituals.

When funneling, care should be taken to drink as little foam as possible, as it can quickly lead to vomiting. Therefore, the beer is poured into the funnel slowly and at an acute angle. After a short waiting time, the hose is lowered so that the remaining foam runs out of the hose.

If you like it professional here, you can install a ball valve between the hose and the funnel so that the beer does not flow directly through the hose.

It is easy to understand that drinking through a beer bong can be very dangerous because large amounts of alcohol can be ingested in a short period of time.


beer pong

Beer pong isn't just about drinking, it's also about skill. The game was developed in the USA between 1950 and 1960 and is suitable for two to six people divided into two teams.

First, six, ten or 15 commercially available plastic cups (0.2 liters) must be placed on each side of a table in the form of a pyramid with the tip pointing towards the middle of the table. The amount of cups depends on the desired playing time. The back row of the pyramid should be no more than two centimeters from the edge of the table.

Now you have to try to throw a table tennis ball into an opponent's cup. Each player must drink the cup that was hit by their opponent. The team that hits all the cups wins. However: once this team has started the match, the opponent has another chance to throw until he no longer hits a cup.

If cups slip out of formation, they should be put back in place before the next throw 

Beerpong is a game designed primarily to be fun. It is important to respect teammates and opponents.



Flunkyball, many also know this drinking game as beer ball, is played outside and brings a lot of action and fun.

Two teams of four to six people face each other on a playing field with open beer bottles. You need a lot of space. It is therefore best to see that you find a large meadow. An empty plastic bottle is placed in the middle between the teams. The teams take turns trying to knock the plastic bottle over with a ball or another thrown object. If this succeeds, the opposing team must put the bottle back up as quickly as possible. Until that happens, the scoring team has time to finish their beer bottles. 

The winner of Flunkyball is the team that drank all the beers first.

By the way: There are a plethora of rules in flunkyball. That's why an initiative was founded that is working on a uniform structure for flunkyball. The goal is a Germany-wide flunkyball league with official champions.

AnstoĂźen mit Bier


It is one of THE parlor games par excellence. The participants sit in a circle. Each and everyone is initially a "Ribbel-Dibbel without Tippel". Any player (or the game management) starts counting from 1, so that everyone now has a "Rippel-Dippel-Number".

The number 1 now calls any player: Ribbel-Dibbel Nr. 1 without Tippel calls Ribbel-Dibbel Nr. 6 without Tippel. He replies: Ribbel-Dibbel No. 6 without Tippel calls Ribbel-Dibbel No. 3 without Tippel.

Anyone who gets muddled, doesn't realize that they are meant or hesitates too long with the answer is punished with a dot that is painted on their face with lipstick, felt-tip pen or a soot-soaked cork and of course he has to have a sip of beer or liquor as well.

He is now Ribbel-Dibbel Nr. X with a Tippel and can continue: "Ribbel-Dibbel Nr. X with a Tippel calls Ribbel-Dibbel Nr. X without Tippel." 

For each additional mistake there is an additional point in the face. So there will be Ribbel-Dibbel with one, two, three and more points. This makes the game harder and funnier. 

Some rules say you're eliminated after the fourth mistake, with some it's only then that things really get going.


UN drinking game

The Uno drinking game is good for pre-drinking - but you can no longer be completely sober. Either way, the rules are quickly explained and easy to understand. Who has to drink is largely determined by chance. It's so popular because all you need besides alcohol is a deck of UNO cards. It is best played with 3-8 players.

The cards are shuffled and placed in a pile in the middle of the table. The players sit at the table around this pile. Everyone has at least one alcoholic drink in front of them.

The first player draws a card - play then continues clockwise. Depending on the card drawn, one or more players must drink:

  • You draw the same number as the player in front of you: you drink
  • You draw the same color as the player in front of you: you drink
  • You draw a skip card: Target player drinks
  • You draw a change direction card: you drink and change direction
  • You draw a draw two card: the player after you must drink
  • You draw a draw four -> everyone must drink
  • If two Draw-Two cards are drawn in a row: The next player must drink two sips.
  • If a 0 is drawn: You choose a player who has to drink the next drink for you.

The game continues until all cards have been drawn from the deck.

Of course you can also think up your own additional rules for a fun evening.

If you play with beer, wine or mixed drinks, only one sip should be taken at a time. When it comes to schnapps, a shot is the way to go.



Also known as Mäxle, Meiern, Lügenmax or Schummelmax, this is probably one of the most popular drinking games. It was made famous by the film: "Werner - We'll puke later!" The dice game can be played by any number of players and there are many variations. 

For Mäxchen you need two dice and a coaster (e.g. beer coaster). The first player rolls the dice and looks at their result face down before carefully passing the dice cup on. The higher number counts as tens, the lower as ones. Does he have z. For example, if a 4 and a 3 were rolled, the number would be 43. The principle of the game is that the next player must always exceed the number of the previous one. If he doesn't, he can lie. The next player can decide whether to believe the previous one or not to take the cup. In this case, it is revealed and the truth comes out. If the "liar" is caught, he has lost - and must drink a glass of beer or a schnapps.

Beer don't fret

Beer don't fret works from the basic rules like the parlor game don't fret. But... You must drink if:

  • a character is captured by you 
  • when the die flies over the board 
  • a character arrives 

You can of course come up with other rules!

Beer doesn't annoy you is something for smaller groups - but it's still a lot of fun. 


It couldn't be easier: place a cup or mug about 15 cm from the edge of the table. Now take a coin, place it on the edge of the table so that it doesn't fall off and try to flick it into the cup with your finger. If you don't put the coin in the cup, you drink. Whoever hits gets to decide who drinks. 

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