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Wedding games belong to a successful one Wedding partyr just do it. Games for the bride and groom in particular not only bring fun and entertainment, but can also help the bride and groom get to know each other better. It doesn't always have to be well-known games like stealing shoes. In this post we will show you 5 creative and funny ones Wedding gamesthat will delight the bride and groom and their guests.

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Who is who?

In the game "Who's who?" First the guests line up and form a queue. In front of them there are two chairs with the names bride and groom. Each couple stands on a piece of paper and writes down three facts about the other couple (e.g. name, hobby, favorite food, shared experiences). These facts are collected and the bride and groom have to guess who wrote which facts.


Quiz for newlyweds

A quiz for that bride and groom is an excellent opportunity to test the bride and groom's knowledge of their life together, but also of their partner. This wedding game for the bride and groom can be prepared in advance. The questions can be made as easy or difficult as necessary. From "When did you first kiss?" to “How big is the amount in your joint bank account?” everything is possible. To keep the game varied, guests can also be involved.


Bracelet game

The bride and groom receive a bracelet that they tie around their wrist. Then they place their free hand behind their back and have to pull off each other's bracelet. The highlight: The game is played in rounds in which only one hand can be used at a time. Each round pits the winners against each other until there is only one “champion” left at the end.


Wedding raffle

A wedding raffle not only brings excitement, but also great prizes. For this purpose, for example, small cards can be labeled with prizes such as “a candlelight dinner together” or “a weekend for two”. The bride and groom take turns drawing lots and having to open the gift. The tension becomes particularly great when a gag gift can be pulled through a "rivet".

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Jewelry testament

The Marriage Testament is a wedding game for the bride and groom that is only played after the banquet. The bride and groom are asked questions in advance, such as “Who is the better craftsman?” or “Who can assert themselves better in the household?” answer. The answer options are "the man", "the woman" and "both the same". The answers are written down on a piece of paper. The fun begins when the guest and bride and groom compare the answer.


Shot Roulette - A game of surprises

Shot Roulette is the epitome of one drinking game. The table is filled with a series of shot glasses, such as the shot glasses from Apres Allstars,  some with alcohol and others with water. Players take turns selecting a glass and then drinking its contents. The surprise is that the... beverages cannot be marked in advance and the contents of each jar remain a surprise to the players.

Discover the latest sensation for wedding games in our shop now: shot glasses with ski bindings! With these unique glasses, the drinking game “Shot Roulette” will be a real highlight at your wedding party. Fill the glasses with different drinks, some with alcohol and others with water, and be surprised which glass you choose. The ski binding gives the game an extra dose of fun and excitement!

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Wedding games for the bride and groom ensure entertainment and a good atmosphere at every wedding party. However, the selection of games should be tailored to the bride and groom and the guests. Whether it's a quiz, a tombola or a bracelet game, there are many ways to surprise the bride and groom and ensure an unforgettable experience. With these creative and fun wedding games you'll have a successful one wedding party nothing more in the way.

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