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The best decoration for your apres-ski party

Apre Ski Trinkgelage

Decoration and light set the mood. With that on yours Event everything is correct, here you will find ten effective ideas for an original apre-ski party decoration. This allows a room to be quickly and inexpensively transformed into an exciting location with a wow effect that will delight your guests. It doesn't have to be expensive, it all depends on your imagination and a little bit of manual dexterity.

Let it glitter baby!

To the classic Apres-Ski Party Decoration ideas include handicraft tips with cotton wool. Obtained quickly and cheaply, fluffy balls and spheres can be formed quickly. You can hang them just like that, or give them some contour with some hairspray. Your works of art can be hung up on white or silver threads.

To do this you need a needle, you prick in one place, tie a knot and hang your ball. You can proceed in a clear line and hang all the balls at the same height, or you can decide to use different distances.

Your balls will be perfect with glitter, gold or silver spray!

It's all in the light: inexpensive lighting technology in use

Mirror balls are among the classics of the party scene when it comes to sparkling effects. You get them in different sizes. Some stores also rent out party equipment. 

You can opt for balls without a motor, but you still achieve a reflective glitter effect. Even mini balls for little money can be arranged effectively. Their cool silver sheen fits the theme.

You can get a half ball with colored lenses very cheaply and give your room a disco flair in no time. You'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for strobe lights.

Active party fun and decoration in one: shot ski

In addition to good music, good food and an imaginative apre-ski party decoration, a party lives on its highlights: shot skis offer both. They are enormously decorative, can be placed on any long table and provide fun and excitement. The ice is broken quickly. Even if your guests didn't know each other before, they all like each other after the second shot ski at the latest.

You can also make the party gag yourself. All you need is an old ski and about four shot glasses. The number depends on the length of the ski. Set the distances between the glasses so that one person can reach a glass and simply attach the glasses with all-purpose glue.

Apres Ski Trinkgelage

Atmospheric: nostalgic skiing

Skis are suitable for many things. You can drape old models decoratively and decorate them according to the mood you want. Simply leaning against the wall or if you have several pairs lined up, they are a pretty sight.

For a more romantic apre-ski party decoration, you can also place one ski on each table and decorate it with candles, or you can place a pair crossed in the window frames.

Set accents with table decorations

Decorations on tables, sideboards and window sills create atmosphere. You just need the right apres-ski party decoration ideas. Tea lights are typical accessories when it comes to mood at the table. 

Pay attention to a fireproof base or correspondingly thick glasses. You can decorate these with glittering stars in snowflake format.

Decorative snowballs with scatter snow or glitter are also wonderful. For this you use a spray or apply glitter from the bag, which you fix with transparent spray paint. You can use the ball decoration lying or hanging. With small rhinestones you give the white balls a luxurious touch.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …

Artificial snow comes in a variety of forms. You can buy it as a flaky substance that can be spread over tables, chairs, and shelves. You can purchase table runners that glitter like a blanket of snow, or you can use snow spray to give twigs from the garden a frosty look.

Confetti in the form of small snow crystals is wonderful. With a fleece you can even conjure up icicles on the window or on the chandelier.

Creating an ambience: benches and chairs made from skis

A little manual skill, a lot of old skis and a cordless drill are required here. Since you're working with existing materials, you'll need to be a bit experimental and creative. You can use two old chairs and put the skis upside down as a seat, or you can use skis as a backrest by attaching them to a stool.

Make sure you either remove the binding or mount it with the back facing the seat or backrest.

Cottage magic with ice crystals

You probably remember them from your childhood days, the filigree ice crystals cut out of squares of paper. Let them revive! 

The technique is simple. Even inexperienced people can tinker with it. This creates a large number of crystals in the shape of squares and stars.

Each is a little bit different. If you want to give your ice crystals even more individual charm, stick silver paper scraps on them or decorate them with silver spray. With this you create a glitter like in the Ice Palace of the Snow Queen.

Frosty blankets of snow for a hot mood

You can play with hot and ice-cold decorative elements at your party. Warm blankets with classic checks are reminiscent of the cozy ambience in mountain huts. Use them folded twice as a base on benches or drape them cuddly over the armrests of chairs and sofas.

Silver glitter ceilings have the opposite effect. They appear ice-cold and ensure the right feeling in the snow. You can simply experiment with silver paper or you can use the silver side of rescue foil.

Garlands can also be cut out of silver paper or icicles formed and hung up. Incidentally, ice stones, which can be bought in handicraft supplies, look very real.

Snowman, snowwoman or snow bunny?

All children love him, adults certainly appreciate the ice-cold man as well. If it suits your concept, include snowmen as decorative elements. Cut a garland out of white cardstock or use snowmen to set up table decorations. Of course, it doesn't always have to be a man: Snowwomen work just as well, whole snow families are sweet as sugar and snow bunnies are sure to arouse great enthusiasm among your guests!

Apres Ski Trinkgelage

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