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Everyone knows the magic of a wedding - a celebration of love shared with family and friends. But how do you ensure that your big day is not only warm but also unforgettable? The answer lies in the details. More precisely, in the original ones Programmides and in small actions that make the day special. If you're looking for a creative idea that will delight everyone, how about the unique ski binding shot glasses from Apres Allstars? Let's dive deeper!


Shot glasses with ski bindings: a hit for winter lovers

Nothing says "après-ski party" like a good shot after a day on the slopes. And for wedding couples who share a passion for the snow and the slopes, the ski-bound shot glasses from Apres Allstars are the perfect little wedding special.

Hochzeitsfeier bei Nacht

Unique toast moments

Imagine the cheers and excitement as guests raise their ski-bound shot glasses to toast the happy couple! Not just a tasteful highlight, but also a visual Experience.

A souvenir for guests

After the celebration, these special shot glasses can be taken home as a souvenir so that guests always have a memory of the magical celebration.


More creative wedding program ideas

The shot glasses are just the beginning. There are so many ways to make your day unique and ensure it is remembered by everyone.

Interactive games and challenges

A little competition in which guests have to estimate how many slopes the bride and groom have skied together? Or which mountain is your favorite? It offers one funny Opportunity to share the couple's story and engage guests.

Live music with an après ski theme

The right music can really lift the mood of a party. So why not hire a band or DJ to play the best après-ski hits?

Program ideas that inspire

Every Marriage is unique, but with the right program ideas and small activities, like the shot glasses tied to skis, your day will certainly stand out. It's these special ones Details and surprises that make the day truly unforgettable. So, why not bring a bit of piste magic to your celebration?

Are you looking for the perfect eye-catcher for your next party or special occasion? In our shop you will find the unique shot glasses in a ski frame! Not only a real eye-catcher, but also a conversation starter that will enhance any celebration. Stop by and discover this must-have and many other exciting products. Make your celebration unforgettable and attract enthusiastic looks!

Hochzeitsfeier an einem Pool

After we have already introduced the fascinating ski-binding shot glasses from Apres Allstars, you are probably wondering what other small promotions and Programmides your Marriage could make unforgettable. Don't worry, we have more up our sleeves!



If you've already included shot glasses in your wedding program, why not expand on the whole theme? An après-ski theme offers numerous opportunities to give your celebration a special touch.

A winter landscape, cozy lighting and rustic elements can provide the perfect setting for your party. Here are some inspiring ideas:

  • Snowflake fairy lights: For a romantic and wintery atmosphere.
  • Vintage ski equipment: Old skis and poles can be used as decorative elements or even as a guest book.
  • Cozy corners with furs and pillows: Perfect for guests to feel comfortable and relax.

Hochzeitspaar küsst sich

In addition to the classic dances and games, you could also incorporate some après-ski elements into your entertainment program:

  • Dance on snow: Cover a small dance floor with fake snow and surprise your guests with a winter wonderland dance.
  • Ski boat competition: Who can dance the fastest in ski boots? A funny one Game, which is sure to get a laugh.
  • Live-Band mit Après-Ski-Hits: The perfect music to lighten the mood and get everyone on the dance floor.

Your wedding day, your style

Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are, and the style you choose should reflect that. No matter whether it's the small events for the wedding, like the shot glasses tied to skis, or the larger elements that mark the day - what really counts is the love and joy that you share with your loved ones.

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