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After skiing is before skiing! Exactly. After all, what would fun on the slopes be without a stop for refreshments? After all, you have achieved strenuous top performances over many hours, bravely and courageously defying dangers, cold and snow. Now it's time to really release the many hard-earned happiness hormones: celebrate, have fun, see and be seen. Just après-ski. What else. 

Ask someone why there is Après-ski is called. He won't know! Almost 100 years ago, somewhere in the French Alps, skiers thought about sitting down “comfortably” together after a day of winter sports. With a good meal and good drinks. 

Luckily, your counterpart will say that times have changed.

"Fine food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere". Hello? Who needs that? Party, live music, DJs, dancing, collective singing and: alcohol. That's why I went on a skiing holiday in the first place.

The Dutch and British can do this perfectly. You've probably already experienced this: skiing behind on the slopes, but regularly being on the podium during après ski. Respect!


So what should women and men prepare for before, during and after an après-ski party? Here are the ultimate 10 commandments:

Im Liegestuhl mit Bier und Sonnenuntergang

1st commandment - Don't think about the descent

Après-ski is great high up on the mountain. It puts you in a great mood and time flies. When it's already dark outside and the gondolas or lifts are no longer running, the descent is particularly fun. Another Jagertee to warm up and off we go on the wild ride. Advantage: The slopes are now finally nice and clear, no kamikaze riders from behind, no snowboarders lying in the snow behind a hilltop. Free travel for free citizens. Simply priceless.


2nd Commandment – An empty stomach likes to celebrate

Before stopping for a break, you should first put something good in your stomach. This is basically completely overestimated. What is “smart” anyway? Steak, schnitzel, fried potatoes, noodles, something really fatty. OK. That would work. You'll definitely love the suggestion from nutrition experts: cucumbers, radishes, peppers and tomatoes would be ideal. They provide the body with enough water to counteract the effects of alcohol. Since you can't get one or the other quickly and easily before starting the evening, just drink it on an empty stomach. As expected, all the lights turn on very quickly.

3rd Commandment - Clothes make the man

When things are really cool right near the valley station - it's like a magnet. You have to go there, right? It doesn't matter whether sweat comes out of every pore after just a short time. Ski jacket, ski sweater, ski underwear and it's as tight as a sardine can. “Some like it hot”. Sweat has absolutely established itself as a communicative Eau de Cologne. That's why after departure you don't go to your accommodation, shower, change and then go to the party. The advantage: early bird catches the worm. 

4th Commandment - Flirting in style

Many, very many, see an après-ski party as the ideal offline dating service. See and be seen, turn on and be turned on. Relationship happiness, even if it's just for a few hours. You will ask yourself: Hello? That's exactly why I'm throwing myself into this deafening chaos in the first place. The only thing that is successful is, you might also be surprised, by those who do it really clumsily. It's great to hit at 1.5 per mille. And don't forget: the wedding ring has to go in your pocket. Game, set and match.

5th Commandment - I only like music when it's loud

When “Schi foan” tears the air and eardrums apart with 85 decibels, that’s the bringer. The stupid chatter of your party neighbor no longer bothers you. Just show with everything you have that you don't understand anything. Conversely, if you like the other person, you can freely engage in ear-to-mouth combat. Add a few drinks and you'll be singing in the most beautiful tones. The next morning your ears will still be ringing (that's called tinnitus, by the way) ... but the main thing is that the party and what happened afterwards was great.

6th Commandment - Alcohol yes please

I can resist anything but temptation. And the Fortunately, the après party turns out to be exactly this excessive temptation. It's so cool here, great music, great people and that after a wonderful day of skiing. Completely detached, a drink here, a beer there, a schnapps is also possible. What the hell. Far away from home. Vacation. If not now then when? Why pull the emergency brake in good time, as is recommended? You're happy to accept the mental and physical fiasco the next day.

7th commandment - fresh air makes no sense

Don't talk for long, keep your head down is one of the party slogans. Forgetting to get some fresh air every now and then, the second. Loud music, awful air - if you go outside after a few hours, the winter air will blow your head off. Bingo.

There should actually be après-skiers who go out several times, breathe deeply and check your own level. When the flood indicates that everything is already going around in circles, they call it a day! Go home! Crazy. Better a horror without end than an end with horror.

8th commandment - don't look too closely

This concerns two things. On the one hand, look carefully into the dark corners of the après-ski locations. There you will not only find dust or glasses, but also what was previously in a stomach. A good sign that things are really going on here. And where shouldn’t you look too closely? Into a face. Where else? But only if you're still sober. Things are different with alcohol: firstly, you can drink yourself nice for the other person and secondly, as studies have shown, you can also drink yourself nice for someone else. Actually true. 

9th commandment - the snack afterwards is worth nothing 

You probably know this: After a few drinks, you get hungry. Under no circumstances should you follow this desire of your body. Your stomach gets something to do, but it doesn't want to. Your circulation becomes active, but you don't want that at all. The alcohol content in your blood is reduced, which is not in your interest at all. So forget the sentence: For a little hunger in between.

Commandment 10 - after the party is before the party

You really don't feel like it and overcoming it definitely doesn't pay off. After the party, take a quick shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth. No thanks. Just go to the bunk. Apart from that, you know yours and the smell of your clothes after a hearty party. Perfect. You are guaranteed to feel reborn the next morning!

Bier anstoßen

11th commandment - forget commandments 1 to 10

You know this: Ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects. Well, for a successful après-ski evening they actually recommend (remain calm now) to drink a lot - non-alcoholic drinks of course, a good night's sleep, no cigarette afterwards, food rich in carbohydrates and protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, stretching and Gymnastics exercises, warm baths and sauna sessions. 

Can you do that? But you don't have to.

Ski safe!

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