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All year round you look forward to the evenings “at the Hüttn” when the hits play and the mood rises. What gets in your legs on Mallorca can also be done on Mallorca After ski not missing. From the legendary Alpine crackers to Peter Wackel, the range of songs that everyone can sing along to and with which the most beautiful memories are associated.

Apres Ski Schild

All time Classics

They are already oldies and immediately come to mind when you think of skiing holidays and the hot parties after hours on the slopes. The parents have already sang classics like “Damn, I love you” by Matthias Reim or the songs by Schäfer Heinrich. But: the bigger, the bigger! The evergreens are still there and are celebrated.

Helene Fischer, Herzbeben

She is one of the most successful singers in Germany and one of the most sought-after women. The entertainer has held her own at the top of the charts for over twenty years and continues to cause “heart tremors”.

Almklausi, Mama Laudaaa

Almklausi has been rocking the party hotspots in German-speaking Europe for over 15 years! With “Mama Laudaaa” Almklausi is launching the ultimate party rocket in 2018 and is therefore the absolute guarantee for your party.

DJ Ötzi, A Man for Amore

The veteran started with “Anton from Tirol” and is still one of the big stars today. There is no doubt that the man from the Kitzbühel Alps is always available for love.

Jürgen Drews, A bed in the cornfield

Still a classic, even in winter for apres-ski!

Matthias Reim, Damn, I love you

The man has it all and his biggest hit has been an evergreen for generations.

Markus Becker, The most beautiful woman in the world

He belongs to the Ballermann league and always creates a good atmosphere. With this title he melts the coldest hearts.

Kastelruther Spatzen, Almenrausch and powder snow

Even grandma joins in and claps her hands to the rhythm!

Schäfer Heinrich, lady killer

The farmer from Völlinghausen has already had a few hits. In any case, it has cult status and not just among women!

Mickie Krause, darling, give me a photo

The Sonnyboy from Wettringen is part of the prince guard of party music. Emotions go on a roller coaster even in snow and ice.

Mallorca Cowboys, We like to drink

When Marc Horstmannshoff and Sebastian Rolko play, you quickly feel an overdose of happiness and have to toast again very quickly.

Sabbotage, that's only for today (it'll never come again)

Remakes are simply part of après-ski. Sabbotage shows how it's done and everyone dances along!

Modern Charts

The apres-ski offering rocks through German rock, hits and folk music. With Alvaro Soler the girls melt, golden boy Andreas Gabalier gets them all and Mia Julia gets the boys on the dance floor. Things are going international with the party boosters Kris Kross Amsterdam.

Axwell /\ Ingrosso, More Than You Know

The band actually comes from Sweden, they started in New York and landed at number 1 in the charts with this song in Germany and Austria.

Andreas Gabalier, Hello

He is the prince of folk music and is loved by mum just as much as by daughter and grandma.

Fireheart, if you don't say stop

They are still among the "best". The boys are not only beautiful, they can also sing.

rock straw, chewing gum

You listen twice to Ronny Rockstroh. With English cover versions like "We are Family" by Sister Sledge he started and has been singing in German for over a decade. Who wouldn't want to hang out with this man?

Mia Julia, we are the hottest

It literally gets hot in the hut with the beautiful blonde.

Matthias Ulmer, Rock mi

Matthias Ulmer and VOXX Club let it rock. A must have at every apres ski party.

The Daredevils, Cordula Green

The young Austrians are not only good at polka parties, but also apres-ski. Not only Cordula is dancing!

Matty Valentino, Hurra die Gams

This man makes the mountains dance. The song has now become a cult and definitely sets the mood. The ice will definitely break!

Kris Kross Amsterdam, Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard)

The Dutch are masters of cover mixing and giants of the party business. If you want dance and electronic, dance to “Whenever”!

Alvaro Soler, The Waist

The Spaniard is a star that not only the girls adore. “La Cintura” is one of his big hits that simply makes everyone thaw out.

Hottest Ballermanntrash

Celebrate until the doctor comes? Just leave everything behind? You don't have to go to Malle to do this, you can also do apres-ski! So turn it up loud and then just turn it off!

Not Hüftgold, Modeste Song

The man from Limburg an der Lahn just has it all: “Big Tits, Potato Salad” is a long-running hit, “That’s How the Gauchos Go” even encouraged the German national team to sing along.

Mickie Krause, go get a beer

The lyrics are part of many people's repertoire: "You're getting ugly again," it doesn't have to be that way. You'd better go get a beer.

Ole without coal, you can clean the pasta for me

Ole without coal says what he thinks and thus speaks from the heart of many men.

Ingo without Flamingo, drinking in the morning, at noon, in the evening

Of course, you can also score points at apres-ski with a duck mask and flamingo suit. However, the beak may be a bit of a hindrance when drinking.

Peter Wackel, screw it!

Bat? Not without Peter Wackel. It certainly won't stop at "French fries, bratwurst and beer" when Peter Wackel cheers for the holiday!

Markus Becker, bratwurst, fries and a beer

The man in the red cowboy hat has a different intention when listing the standard dishes. For a change, “Weisswurst, pretzel and a beer” are also on the table.

Lorenz Buffalo, Beate, the tough one

The Austrian won platinum with "Johnny Däpp", but with "Beate, der Harten" it's all about apres-ski.

Tobee, three per thousand (but there is still something)

If you think of schnapps and beer when you have a toothache, you can look forward to Tobee. The qualified medical doctor drills in his own dental practice when he's not wowing the masses with singing!

Flippy and hat, drunk on the plane

For many it is clear: This song should not be missing at any party!

Killer Michel, alcohol without mercy

Luckily, the party rocker "failed as a footballer", otherwise some apres-ski would be missing!


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